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Friday, April 21, 2006

Make Money With Autosurfs

First rule about making money with autosurfs is never invest what you can't afford to loose. Always pull out your initial investment, surf on your earnings these are good things to surf by. I have been a member of several autosurfs some you win some you loose that's just the nature of the business. I have a new plan for making money with surf sites, get in why its new and get out as soon as you make a little money and move on. Always enter these with caution and be sure to research to see if they are paying or now in the beginning try a test spin for yourself to see how they pay you can make a good chunk of change with surf sites but you can loose as well.
these are the ones I am currently in now.

18Perday Autosurf

VFast-Surf Autosurf

AlienTrust Autosurf

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